Welcome to Yoga Bahia!

Gateway to Iyengar Yoga on Brazil’s Bahian Costa de Dende and close to the vibrant small town of Itacare, Yoga Bahia is the only fully equipped and registered Iyengar yoga studio in Bahia.

The studio is located in Piracanga, a small eco-village and community on a long, private beach in the Atlantic tropical rainforest. A beautiful place for holidays, retreats and workshops.

Regular classes are offered in Piracanga, while private classes and workshops can be organised in Piracanga, Itacare, or other idyllic venues in the locality, such as on the Rio de Contas in an old Cocoa plantation.

Classes are taught by Georgia Marnham, a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher with international certification and more than fifteen years teaching experience. 

Please note that from April to November 2017 I will be in Portugal and I will not be teaching in Piracanga. For details on classes and workshops in Portugal please visit www.lighton.yoga  - thank you!


The Iyengar yoga certification mark. A sign of excellence, clarity and depth of understanding.